Information Systems – Digital Marketing

Information Systems – Digital Marketing

The digital marking is the activity to conceive a product or a service and sell it to a customer, for profit.


The marketing can be:

  • product oriented
  • sale oriented
  • market oriented

The activities involved are:

  • communication: provide information about a product or a service.
  • analysis: collect and analyze data.
  • concept: design new product or service.

The possible channels are:

  • word of mouth
  • press
  • media: radio, tv, telephone.


New possible channels are:

  • websites
  • e-mails
  • social media

One possible issue to apply the marketing is the choice of the right strategy. So, we can follow a pattern: the four P (4P). They are:

  1. Place (e.g. internet)
  2. Price (e.g. transparent)
  3. Product (e.g. valuable, compliant)
  4. Promotion (e.g. via a combination of possible media)


Now, let use focus more on how to gain advantage of this new possible channels. and how to do not commit errors.

The website, for example, has to provide usability and accessibility. Possible errors are:

  1. the usage of pdf files to explain something,
  2. not resizable website,
  3. no design conventions,
  4. open new browser windows,
  5. do not give price information.

To boost even more the marketing the website has to be visible and accessible easiliy. Here, for this reason, comes into the discussione the search engine optimization (SEO). Some advice to follow are:

  • focus on relevant keyword,¬†better if uniques, to promote your product
  • use tools already available to analyze your situation. Example are:
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Yahoo Advertising
    • Bing Keyword


Digital marketing is part of the process to sell something (product or service), and has to give support to the more general corporate business strategy.

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