Month: August 2016

New web service for homeless

New web service for homeless

Last night I released a new web service at: It needed of 48h of planning and 48h of coding. The service aim to give help to homeless and people in emergency condition to find a home, or even a single bed.

What is this
The new web service wants to give help for people who are in extremely emergency condition, who does not have any kind of solution on how to find a place where to spend the night. The purpose is to create safety and reliability for poor or weak individuals. Take a moment to think about older persons, or people victims of natural disaster (flood, eartquake, etc…). This web tool try to fill the avoidance of help in those situations.

The story behind
After the just passed eartquake in Italy, I noticed the situation of thousands of people who did not have a strong and concrete solution to find a place where to stay so fast. And in that circumstance came the idea of the website. As web developer it was the best help which I could give to those people.
Is to notice that in Italy the government react fast with the power of the agency “Protezione Civile”. It brought temporary awnings for all of them.

The website
On the platform there is a pretty map who express the actual situation. A map with pins divided in two categories: who published proposals (donors), and who published requests (victims). The two categories are represented as pin, respectively, of green e red colors. This is super intuitive. The procedure to make request or make a proposal is very short to handle.

The future
No idea about that. It depends entirely of the effective usage of it. Keep this up.