Month: September 2015

Developing on Raspberry PI 2 with Win10 IoT core

Developing on Raspberry PI 2 with Win10 IoT core

The most of developers starts with a project having a defined idea to create a product or a service, and funds approximately zero. This is the reason why dev kits costs so little and many of them are running open-source os. From this year even Microsoft decided to release a completely free version of their new operating system Windows 10, the Win 10 Iot Core. A huge step forward unless something goes wrong. Yes, because there is a problem.


When Windows 10 Iot Core preview version was shown to the world, many developers understood the brilliant potentiality to run windows apps on boards like Raspberry Pi 2: for example to run Skype on a new handy prototype. Pretty nice. But there are at least two problems with the just already mentioned Raspberry: the USB functionality and the cache coherence semantics. If it does not work properly, why should I continue to develop on it?

It is important to understand the issues and comprehend how much developers are working hard on them to solve as fast as they can. To read more information about it I push you to read the articles by Monique DeVoe for Embedded computing design (Issue #6, September 2015).
Not everything goes wrong. Yes, there are tons of cool projects using Raspberry Pi 2 running Win 10 IoT Core. Just right here below there are three of the my favourites:

  1. Windows 10 IoT Core : Speech Controlled Robot by Anurag S. Vasanwala – a way to control robots and things using the voice. Cool, right?
  2. CK.HomeAutomation by Christian Kratkyshows how much fun is create a complete automation system to monitor your home.
  3. Raspberry Sprinkle by Jason Gleimwhich is very useful for my garden, but even for the yours.

Ok, taking stock of the situation. There are nice projects to which you can apply on the web, what you can do is search them. Maybe you could search on bing something like this: windows 10 iot core projects. They shows how Windows 10 IoT core works properly even on Raspberry, after the problems that we seen. But Windows 10 IoT core is not definitely and not actually the best os for dev kits right now. You can do more freely and with less effort with other competitors. But the speech recognition of Windows is actually my favourite.

So if you start from beginning, I suggest you to start with Michael Crump and his guide:
A Guided Tour of Windows 10 IoT Core

Giuseppe Canto