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New-Followers effect after few minutes on Apple stage

New-Followers effect after few minutes on Apple stage

After the Apple keynote of  8th June, how many new followers have reached the two artists Drake and TheWeekned due to 4 minutes on the stage?

Drake reached +34109 new people.


image (1) imageTheWeekned reached +11321 new people.
image (4)image (5)

Data are calculated thanks to TwitterCounter and quintly.

Giuseppe Canto

After Android, Brillo: here’s how Google will control the world

After Android, Brillo: here’s how Google will control the world

When it all started
Were 10 AM when at Moscone Center of San Francisco, Sundar Pichai, senior vice president at Google inc., unveiled Brillo, a new android-based operating system for Internet of Things platforms. It will help devices manufacturers to build stable and optimized boards and will enable developers to manage connected devices for IoT phenomenon. The launching represents an amazing step for businesses of bigG because if with Android, Google dominate the market share of the smartphones sales and the informations that flow through them, now with Brillo the scenery is going to recur.

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Since it was born Android how much market gained?
The growth of Android has been unstoppable. It grew to 81.5% of the global smartphone market share in 2014, according to the International Data Corporation, passing a billion phone shipments for the first time: a milestone for Mountain View. Going further as of NetMarketShare’s Q2 2015 report, Android has a 52.0% worldwide OS market share against 39.0% for iOS, according with its relentless growth. image

What are the consequences of the advent of Android OS?
Due to Android, devices manufacturers have had infinite possibilities to build mobile devices such as tablets, portable game consoles, digital cameras or tv boxes. Installing it on these devices meant to have a stable and handsome software. The crease in more of the green robot is the solid work behind, and the work developed over time by google engineers. This led reliability to the systems developed, and at the same time a possible future for enterpreneurs. It pulled the sector, and created competition reaching sudden increase in both software and hardware capabilities of mobile devices. Therefore it has knocked out a quality level exceeding all expectations.
Furthermore Android has been an engine for other companies related to mobile devices such as microprocessors manufacturers.

Brillo will be the next Android? No, 10 times more
This scenery is going to recur. But in larger proportions. With Brillo any maker or developer of IoT boards will have a stable and optimized operating system on which build new way to approach with the surrounding world. And this time the possibilities are truly endless. Due to internet, the things will acquire more value, and the level of user experience will rise on a completely different plane (ensuring the remote control, to give an example). We are talking about – as  reports CISCO and those who defined it as Internet of Everything – of a market of trillion dollars: they predicts that the IoE value at stake will be $14.4 trillion for companies and industries worldwide in the next decade. And will be the next growth engine for the semiconductor industry.



Why this is a momentous step for google?
Because if iot is proposed to enter into any object of reality in which we live, google will control the flux of information that will flow through. The users will be redirected on usage of all the google services (quite legitimate), and all data will be vehicled to google’s server. The level profiling for each user will become very deep and this will seriously permit to the search engine of Google to predict accurately our research, to motivate us or push us toward certain choices, and even to manipulate us. This global condition will come within the next five years.

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